What are the logistics and costs of transferring my gold from the toronto vault to my home in toronto?


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    @Alleyoop. It depends a bit on what sort of account you have, and how much gold you have, of course. You can cash out your gold and have it wired or transferred to your bank account. If you want the physical gold then you need to do a Physical Redemption. There is a 0.5g Au fee, plus shipping, and you redeem your gold in bars or coins. Typically these would be shipped to you. But since you live in Toronto, you could possibly get your redemption in person at the new retail outlet in Toronto and that would save you the shipping. Either way the .5g transaction fee is minimal. The rest just depends on how you want to do it.
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    Tx Rocketdog.
    Do you have a location&Tel # of the new retail outlet in Toronto?
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    Sorry, I do not have that information. I am a little south of the border.
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    38 Avenue Road
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5V 2G2, Canada
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    I don't think the branch locations are going to do any order fulfilment. They don't want all the headache and costs of holding and insuring any inventory at those retail locations. Everything has to be shipped directly to the customer.
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