Toronto Retail Store

Hi all.
I have seen 1-2 year old discussions regarding opening a Toronto Retail store.
As of October 2017, has the Goldmoney Branch @ 38 Avenue Road opened?
Has anybody visited it and what were your impressions?
As a Goldmoney Personal acct holder, will they release my gold assets to me instead of having them shipped ?
What kind of documentation do they need to release my assets?


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    You should take a look at this discussion here:

    I've been to the Toronto retail space and it looks really nice. I was only there though for the annual shareholder meeting so I'm not totally sure if it has officially opened with normal retail hours.

    The retail locations will likely hold display versions of Mene jewelry for customers to see and try on, but they will not be holding any inventory of gold jewelry or bullion for sale or to pickup. The gold jewelry must be ordered online and will be shipped from other facilities. For redeeming precious metals from your account, those get shipped from other locations as well, unless you over 1kg of gold, then you also have the option of going to pick it up 1kg bars directly from the vault. The Goldmoney retail locations mainly just for in-person customer service, a library, and brand awareness.
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