Unusally Long Redemption Processing Time

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I initiated a redemption request on Oct 16th via an ACH/EFT Direct Bank Transfer and have yet to have the redemption amount deposited to my linked bank account. The redemption was confirmed and approved on Oct 16th. Typically, this has only taken 3 business days. Anybody else experiencing longer than normal redemption processing times?


  • codetwocodetwo Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    I have received a response from customer support and they are looking into it, thankfully. No ETA when this will be resolved yet. Waiting over 10 business days to receive a redemption amount is ridiculous.
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    Hello @codetwo, I have been waiting six weeks for a physical redemption. I contacted Customer Support through their form 3 times with no response other than the autorespond email saying they would contact me within 1-3 days (not true). Today I chatted online with a representative from Schiff Gold who contacted Goldmoney on my behalf and told me to get back to him if Goldmoney had not contacted me within 24 hours. So I wait until tomorrow afternoon, hoping Goldmoney will contact me about this redemption.
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    I have serious consign about withdrawal for more 4 months now I have been charged each time I tried to withdraw money which they never allowed to go through to my bank account, to make it worse for me after paying a goldmoney account holder money for 7 days now he has not be able withdrawal it, it shows pending and customers care cant do anything about it. who can tell me what wrong am doing or what I should do now to overcome my ordeal. I may not know if anyone have experience such indifference.
  • gbsmangbsman Posts: 25 Tin ✭
    @RocketDog Kindly let me know how to contact representative Schiff Gold so I can lay my complain as well, presently I am out shape due my longest history of withdrawal that have lasted up to six months that I thought I am scammed. I ll appreciate your assistant.
  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 696 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @gbsman. I only contacted SchiffGold about the Physical metal shipment. I am not sure they can help for other issues.
    There is contact information on the SchiffGold website.
  • ShorelineShoreline Posts: 32 Tin ✭
    @codetwo Have you resolved your EFT transfer issue?
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