Does anyone know why the "Prepaid Cards" menu option would be shaded?

GoldDustGoldDust Posts: 24 Tin ✭
I am curious if someone here may be experiencing the same issue or may know the reason why the "Prepaid Cards" options in the menu are not available. I've been wanting to request a prepaid card but all options have been shaded out for a couple of days now. I have attached an image showing part of my menu. I hope the image goes through.

I was previously able to select the option to request a prepaid card as I was toying with the idea of ordering a card made of gold. I contemplated submitting the request but then opted to wait until I was certain of my decision. Oddly, I recall that the form requested additional identification information which did not make sense to me, as I already have a fully validated holdings account. However, now that I have made my decision, I can't follow through on placing the request. Any information would be appreciated.

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  • GoldDustGoldDust Posts: 24 Tin ✭
    @mr1 : Thank you. That definitely makes sense and answers my question. My first and only transfer of funds was USD1000 which I used to purchase metals. Since then, the metals value has gone up over USD1000, and then dropped down below USD990. So at the moment, the my metals balance is about USD991. Since ACH is still not available, I haven't wanted to transfer any more funds since I don't want to incur the 3% convenience fee. But... I guess I have a good enough reason to do so now since I want to test the Prepaid Card.

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    Hi GoldDust,

    I have the same problem, although my balance has always been over 1000 USD and no children are listed. I have no prepaid card option to choose at any place of the menue.
    Emails to goldmoney referring to this were not answered. At which place of the menue can the shaded options be found?

    Thank You for Your answer

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