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I did not understand this Mene nvite in the previous post and went to check out the website.
The idea is to generate social media by posting the following:
‪Does anyone have a #meneinvite link? I’d like to join #mene24k ‬
to get a link to allow you set up a Mene account.

Personally I think this is flawed.
Unless you give someone your email they cannot send you an invite or if they do send it on twitter or Facebook everyone gets the invite.
Gold bugs tend to be conservative not trusting governments and institutions generally. Asking them to go and publish on social media their email and that they want to buy gold is undesirable to most I suspect.

I can see why Mene want to make this popular on social media but just opening up the shop/ store and they will get more than enough customers.

The way to publish Mene is someone asking you where did you get that lovely piece of jewellery.
Let the product do the marketing for the site.

Is it that Mene/GM does not have the volume of product to satisfy demand and this is just a delaying tactic - maybe a good one but again frustrating to people who want something and have been waiting on this site.

My thinking is:
Ideally GM holding members would/should be able to redeem using the MENE sites product as priority/ loyalty type customers as a thank you for the patience of waiting on verifications, ACH, technical issues and for being early adopters to Bitgold/GM and now Mene product.

I would suspect there is more than enough demand and it would drive new customers to GM to get good value quality gold products.

The same people when asked where to get the jewellery will state join GM and redeem the Mene product. A win - win for GM and Mene if product demand will outstrip supply.


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