Deposits haven't posted to my account after 4 days (2 full business days)?? No customer support!

I made several deposits to my account beginning on Saturday, made three more Sunday and more again on Monday. It's now tuesday at 2:10 PST and none of these deposits have posted, they all say "pending". This has never happened before and customer service is non-existent. Has anyone had a similar experience?


  • plashadpobedyplashadpobedy Posts: 19 Tin ✭
    I haven't keep track, but it's usually been about 5 days before the deposit is posted. I wouldn't expect to see it posted till the end of the week.
  • SilverGuy22SilverGuy22 Posts: 5 Tin ✭
    My deposits typically post within 10-20 minutes during business days. I've never had it take 2-days let alone 5-days
  • SUPERFLY9898SUPERFLY9898 Posts: 38 Copper ✭✭
    I have fairly big amounts pending since Saturday too.
    I am not happy. As soon as they clear (if ever) I am selling and running as far away as possible from Goldmoney.
    Diabolical customer services. Can't get through on the phone.
    Joke shop.
  • GoldDustGoldDust Posts: 24 Tin ✭
    @SilverGuy22 : Just curious, how do you make deposits? ACH, Bank Wire, Debit Card, etc...? My bank wire took 3 days to arrive. I have only done one bank wire. A debit card transfer has been quick, about 20 minutes. I'm just curious to know which method you used. I plan to make another debit transfer this week and am wondering if I may experience a similar delay.


  • SUPERFLY9898SUPERFLY9898 Posts: 38 Copper ✭✭
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    On Monday I decided to see how quick they would let me sell £10 of gold from my New York Vault to my Prepaid card. Still pending 2 days later. So the way I look at it, if gold I purchased from New York on Saturday is still pending then just for arguments sake they are a bit short of Gold or waiting on some hence the pending.
    Well if I was selling £10 worth of same Gold from same vault shouldn't it clear right away as I have freed up gold towards Goldmoney clearing pending transactions to same vault for those who have bought and waiting?
    The whole thing seems really dodgy. Best way to own gold is buy physically from within the UK if you live here. Even buying coins worth a few hundred pounds now and again is better.
    Watching a promotional video in the past from Goldmoney about how you can buy things like coffee by selling a bit of gold and loading a little of your gold onto the debit card etc and how it is the future blah blah blah. What a joke.
  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 711 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    I have noticed over the past year or more that deposit times range from 2 - 6 days. I usually get an immediate notice of pending transaction. Then the actual transaction takes the 2 - 6 days to turn into a gold purchase. The money does not get immediately taken from my bank either. Usually that takes a couple of days. The delay is because it takes real time to add your gold to your account and annotate it on the ledger for the vault your gold is stored in. Those of us who have been on this platform for a while are accustomed to these 2-6 day wait times and do not find them disturbing. That is the speed of being backed by gold on a 1:1 basis. (Not as fast as digital money.)
  • IrishGuyIrishGuy Posts: 174 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @SUPERFLY9898 @Hairyface

    Have to agree with @RocketDog on this one. You are buying and selling metal with bid/ask prices to/from a vault. There has to be a buyer matched to a seller etc., Goldmoney do say they have to verify the transactions also.
    However I do not see this as a problem but it is why I use Goldmoney. If I need cash I just plan ahead and load it onto the card but otherwise it sits in Gold in my name rather than fiat in a bank where it is at risk as it was loaned out to some unknown entity.

    I am from Europe and still remember Greece and Cyprus a few years back where people could only get a small amount of their money from an ATM assuming the ATM was not empty. The banks were all bust (no cash) in my mind.

    Is there issues with Goldmoney - yes but very minor compared with what may be coming down the tracks with the debt fuelled bubble that we live in.
  • SUPERFLY9898SUPERFLY9898 Posts: 38 Copper ✭✭
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    @IRISHGUY there is still so many problems. No excuse for their crap customer service. They see these posts I assume and by not replying they really are a joke. They won't be getting awards for customer service anytime soon in the future.
  • BokshilBokshil Posts: 13 Tin ✭
    Now if only people could make deposits in bitcoin, they would be waiting for 40 mins instead of 4 days...
  • IrishGuyIrishGuy Posts: 174 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @SUPERFLY9898 we are in alignment that customer care needs to improve but they are working on it trying to hire folks to the best of my knowledge.
    @Bokshil I do not think it matters whether Euro, Dollar, Pound Sterling or Bitcoin - it is as much the time needed for recoding of the allocation/ purchase or removal record that has a lot to do with it.
    Bitcoin is exchanged for dollars before buying the gold and has to go through the banking system I believe.
    I would love to wake up in the morning and everyone took bitcoin like they take Dollars or Euro but until that day I think it is just a nice way to get a notion of value from point a to point b in the world. Cashing out however typically involves the bank.
    As it goes you can also transfer gold the same way and as quick as bitcoin on this platform.
    My big wish is Goldmoney is as recognised as PayPal and companies take gold as payment.
    Hopefully one day!
  • SUPERFLY9898SUPERFLY9898 Posts: 38 Copper ✭✭
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    I love how 2 people disagreed by clicking below my comment when I said they had bad customer services. They do. 100 percent proven. You must have very low standards in life if you are willing to accept such pitiful service.
  • HairyfaceHairyface Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    Love how my post has been removed must have something to hide after taking my money and not funding my vault
  • HairyfaceHairyface Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    At last money is now in my vault
    Must have been something I said ;)
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