Crypto trading platform

DinchDinch Posts: 67 Copper ✭✭
This is a question for anyone, admin or not who might have the info. @Roy Sebag mentioned in a tweet that Bitcoin was up and running on Goldmoney and that ETH, BCH, and XRP were next, and that you were planning on adding a trading platform for limit buys etc. When you guys finally get that up and running, will it be possible to transfer my XRP holdings from my current XRP wallet to the Goldmoney Holding XRP wallet? I would feel much more secure keeping it here than anywhere else, I'm just concerned it will be only for XRP purchased through Goldmoney instead of being able to transfer in and out.

I look forward to the addition of XRP and a trading platform and hopefully Goldmoney and Ripple can work together to help value transfer all over the world, especially help make gold the true global currency.


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