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    I was hoping Goldmoney would buy a larger portion of Mene over time. Multiple avenues of precious metal disruption all trading under XAU shares I thought would bode well for shareholders over time. I guess I have to chalk this up to c'est la vie. At least Goldmoney share holders will have shares in this potential listing. I am thankful for that. I love what Mene is doing. Best fashion idea, ever.
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    I must admit, the news release surprised me. ...but I have faith in the business acumen of Roy and Josh. The capital requirements to fund the growth of Mene would have diluted the equity of Goldmoney shareholders. Also, I do not think the value of Mene was reflected in the share price of
    Goldmoney, AND NEVER WILL BE.
    Mene, as a stand alone entity makes more sense, and in making a global luxury brand like Tiffany or Hermes.
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    @Midas65 It took me by surprise as well. After reviewing the Mene investor presentation I think your comments are very much in line. It really is a whole other business that should be run separately with a separate listing. I recollect when Goldmoney first announced the Mene business there were a small handful of Goldmoney investors that were upset. This latest announcement will make that crowd happy.

    After reviewing the Mene presentation I decided I will be buying some more shares of Mene on top of whatever shares we will be receiving from the spin-off. I really love their business plan and think the group they have put together will be another dream team. I also like the Karla Otto involvement and feel that will bring Mene to the mass's at an accelerated rate.

    Mene investor presentation can be found on the below link, half way down that page for anyone that is interested.
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    This is a fork! Brilliant ;)
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    Just as an aside, in Goldmoney's Nov. 14 earnings release, it was mentioned they have initiated the process of a NYSE listing.
    Anybody have any ideas when this will occur. 2nd Quarter 2018? or earlier.
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    @Midas65 I had heard a NYSE listing within two months. I am not sure exactly how accurate that timeline is but I am expecting it will be coming very soon. That leads me to another thought I had. With the recent announcement of Goldmoney China, how long will it be before a listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange? Nobody has mentioned this potential listing but I would bet my last dollar it will come. My expectation is that would be an inflection point of watching the stock take off like a rocket. With the East having a firm understanding of gold, China will understand the Goldmoney business a lot better than the West does.
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    Willem Middelkoop, author of "The Big Reset" tweeted yesterday a billionaire contacted him about gold. Could you imagine if the rich & super rich ever decide to put 1-2% of their wealth into gold...we would run out of physical gold in 3 hours.
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