I cannot get into my Goldmoney account


We have had a Goldmoney account for almost 14 years. I have a valid logon and password. However, now when I log in, their system wants me to verify my personal information. We could see that our personal information is all all correct, except they want updated copy of passport and utility bill to access our account. We do not want to enter that info online for fear of it getting into the wrong hands. Last week, we entered a request for help getting the info updated and getting into our account, but have not heard from anyone at Goldmoney. I am upset at not being able to access our account

Anyone got any ideas???

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  • dogbonedogbone Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    Thank-you so much, everyone who responded, and I appreciate that we did receive an email from customer service. Tomorrow, we will begin scanning in our documents. Thanks for the tips.

    As I said, we have been clients for a long time and I just log in about once per year to check on our holdings., to which we occasionally add more.

  • SpontaneousOrderSpontaneousOrder Posts: 267 Bronze ✭✭✭
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    We opened our holding in 2009 - I had already scanned and uploaded our passports years ago, but was told that this was no longer adequate. We were asked to:
    1. Scan our passports and print them.
    2. Copy a utility bill to prove residence.
    3. Have the paper copies notarized.
    4. UPS everything from Texas to Jersey.
    @Goldmatters, we've done that, and I'm not complaining that we had to do it, but perhaps someone at Goldmoney could comment about why the Identity requirements have been ramped up lately? Are the U.K. and/or U.S. clamping down?
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 3,661 Admin
    Hi there @SpontaneousOrder !

    I sent in your inquiry and here is the official word:
    "Due to the regulatory requirements related to the increased functionality of the Goldmoney Holding, we are required to re-verify clients from time to time. “

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