Bitcoin deposit complete with many confirmations, no sign of it in my account

I made a deposit with bitcoin into my Goldmoney account, and my bitcoin shows transaction completed. But there is no sign of it in my Goldmoney account. It has been 24 hours now and still no response from Goldmoney support.


  • maomao Posts: 15 Tin ✭
    I have done bank transfers and credit card deposits in the past. Can take a few days to show a deposit into goldmoney even if confirmed by originating account. Should show up in your transactions as a pending deposit.
  • fraserfraser Posts: 29 Tin ✭
    I have just tried for the first time to buy gold with Litecoin . . . i followed the instructions and have sent one Litecoin from my wallet to Goldmoney . . . first thing is i'm British and my account has always been in GBP sterling , but the crypto funding of my account only gave me an option to use US $ . . . secondly as of this moment one Litecoin is priced at $159 , Goldmoney is crediting me $111.23 . . . i can see no way that is a good deal , i've just lost $47 . . . and thirdly although on the Litecoin sending page it says my coin has arrived and is waiting confirmation , which can take up to six days . . . on my transaction page it says i have no pending transactions . . . . .so, this has been an experiment to see how to handle profits from cryptos . . . taking more than 25% in fees and a six day waiting period for confirmation make it extremely unlikely i'll be using this method of realising crypto gains . . . and like you i am now waiting for that confirmation . . . good luck .
  • fraserfraser Posts: 29 Tin ✭
    Update on the above post i wrote 10 minutes ago . . . i now have the proceeds of the 1 Litecoin i sent, listed on my currency funds in Holding Overview . . . the dollars have been changed into GBP and i have £83.07 . . . . . CoinGecko is listing Litecoin at £121.50 . . . . so i'm down £38.43 . . . lets hope the rest of my Litecoins, that i will now not be moving into gold, continue to make some profit . .it would be better for me to change them into fiat , fund my Goldmoney account with a free bank wire and put money into gold like that . . .
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