Crypto deposits from mining (Evidence!)

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I'm early adopter of Goldmoney (back when it was Bitgold) and Crypto currency and have been mining and prototype testing these payment systems as a hobby for some years. I had a "Bitgold Card" (when they were white) and used the system when it was in Beta.
I deposited Bitcoin to my Dubai Vault in late 2015 and redeemed the gold to my bank account.

I'm also a small home miner and have collected and exchanged coins over the last few yeas in order to test new systems and participate in these new technologies. I have mined many coins and exchanged them for Bitcoin and Litecoin.

I recently deposited Bitcoin and Litecoin without issue but when i redeemed the gold to fiat i was asked for "evidence of my mining". I have lots of evidence in the form of email confirmation for mining rewards of mining at slushpool. I have provided lots of evidence already but it is still not clear how and what to give.

I know that goldmoney are very busy and i have been waiting patiently for almost a week.

Have other users successfully redeemed gold to fiat that they purchased with the cryptocurrency they have mined and exchanged themselves?

Please share your experiences?

Warm wishes



  • greenusergreenuser Posts: 12 Tin ✭
    Day 12. Still no straight answers from Goldmoney.
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    Boy oh Boy after reading greenuser's comment I feel so outdated in the currency arena. LOL. A friend of mine told me about Goldmoney a year ago and I made a 50.00 deposit and totally forgot about it. Decided to check it out tonite and the 50.00 is now 58.00 . I guess that's o.k.. What should I do now? All comments welcomed.
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    Great to read above and that you were an early adapter of Bitgold and into mining cryptos.
    While I also supported this site from early days I was never into cryptos.
    I think you have stumbled into a grey area.
    I expect many of your mining friends will be in a similar situation. All miners I suspect will run into this problem over time as they cash out whatever platform they use to do so.
    It may be that you/group of miners will need to set up some certified miners cooperation/group if one does not exist to certify genuine miners and issue a certified miner certificate or similar which I think Is the only thing thatwould work. Does such a thing exist already?
    I do not think emails will qualify as proof.
    Goldmoney err on the side of caution as they walk a fine line bringing a quasi gold monetary standard back.

    Best of luck with this issue.
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    @greenuser I think GM are actually more interested in servicing the institutional crypto market - ETF's based on futures contracts, or other derivatives. Such companies are not allowed to hold customers BTC themselves & will need somewhere to keep it. That's where GM steps in (first in this new space).

    ETF applications this week: REX Bitcoin strategy ETF; REX short Bitcoin strategy ETF; VanEck Vectors Bitcoin strategy. GM wants their business...

    Expect GM share price to rise shortly after they get it, assuming they do...

    GM will be absolutely paranoid about KYC/AML because they need to be if this business model is going to fly. Don't take it personally, but you are low on their list of priorities.

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    I'm having no problem selling cryptocurrency on other platforms, just on Goldmoney.

    Now i am hearing many other people cannot withdraw from Goldmoney that have had no crypto dealings.

    Please look at "UK trustpilot"
    Read the Goldmoney reviews.

    I posted on another thread here "Goldmoney in Trouble?"
    and linked Peter Schiff's latest video "Ep. 310: Swamp 2 People 0".
    People commenting on that video that they cannot withdraw from Goldmoney. Please take the time to follow the video link and read the comments.
    I'm out of pocket to the tune of £5800
  • greenusergreenuser Posts: 12 Tin ✭
    Peter Schiff's latest video "Ep. 310: Swamp 2 People 0". is on YouTube by the way
  • paddy10tellyspaddy10tellys Posts: 248 Bronze ✭✭✭
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    Would you let us know when your problem is resolved?
  • paddy10tellyspaddy10tellys Posts: 248 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @greenuser @Goldmatters one of my replies was deleted. May I ask why?
  • greenusergreenuser Posts: 12 Tin ✭
    I will of course let people know when and if this issue is resolved. If i don't..... assume i have been banned from posting here. I am sorry to here your replies were deleted paddy10tellys.

    Myself and my disabled hubby are currently looking forward to Christmas without money thanks to goldmoney. I tried to initiate a redemption of the remainder of my gold assets with goldmoney but they will not permit me to while this transaction is pending. December 18th today. 16 days of waiting for a response as to what is going on.

    All i care about now is getting all my funds out of goldmoney and closing my account. I have lost all faith in this organisation.
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