Physical Redemption approved but no follow up with details on shipment, no response from support

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Is there anyone that works at Goldmoney that can help? I have sent 3 emails and called the phone number, have gotten no response about my shipping and tracking info. I was approved for physical redemption last week but have received no followup. Can anyone please let me know what's going on? This is some really terrible customer service and makes me question if I will continue using Goldmoney.


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    Stay on them. There have been some issues with the company that sends the physical gold running out of stock of certain items and no one communicates. It took someone I personally know a month and a half to receive their physical gold and it took Goldmoney customer service about a week(maybe longer) to respond to their first inquiry so stay on them and keep us posted.
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    On a side note. I ordered from Mene on a Friday and it was shipped from the US to Canada. The package was hand delivered to me at work on Tuesday! so they do have the technology to make it happen. Tracking number was supplied right away too. Not sure why Goldmoney cant do the same. It can only get better IMO.
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    Well I received a response yesterday from Jake Wang of their support team that they are out of the product I requested. I have subsequently sent him 3 responses which he has yet to reply to. This is so insane! I had a recurring transfer set up with Goldmoney which I have promptly cancelled. I think I am done with this company once I get my product. There are so many other options to purchase gold that have much better customer service. I'll be sending them multiple emails a day until I get a shipment and tracking email.
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    @pd1240 I have passed this along for you
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    just received a shipping and tracking email. Thank you @Goldmatters for passing this along.
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