Update to the Golden Heart Referral Program from BitGold CEO Darrell MacMullin

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Hello BitGold Community Members!

At BitGold, our commitment to acting responsibly and transparently is integral to our business. We are constantly balancing our responsibilities to all BitGold stakeholders – to the customers whose loyalty sustains our success, to the engaged employees who work tirelessly to innovate and help our customers pursue their goals, to the communities of people around the world that rely on us to drive growth and help educate others on how we are positively impacting people globally, and to the shareholders who benefit from our overall contribution to the economies around the world. BitGold's first responsibility has always been to our customers. As we help them transact fairly around the world, support the people they care about, and build long-term security, we foster relationships grounded in fairness, integrity, and respect.  Our customers see that we understand their priorities and provide the help they need to turn aspirations into realities. 

As many of you know, the Golden Heart referral program was launched simultaneously with the BitGold platform and both have since evolved to further benefit and empower our users. The Golden Heart program was fundamentally important to our founders. Its purpose was to reward our customers who believe in our mission and trust us to help them protect and grow their savings for taking the time to share their experience, educate their peers, and encourage them to join BitGold. The program has been a fantastic success and we have been happy to be able to offer a small gift to thank our advocates around the globe. We did anticipate that there would be some who might try to take advantage of this offering, therefore we included the guidelines of the program in our Terms of Service for total user visibility and acceptance, and we have monitored those select few who have chosen to abuse the program. We have received a great amount of feedback and commentary from those who love BitGold and the program, as well as those who are unhappy that the way in which they used the Golden Heart program was deemed unacceptable and resulted in their bonus being reclaimed. Those in the latter group are typically aware that the users they refer to the platform might be questionable or not interested in participating in Bitgold, which the guidelines note will result in a bonus not being awarded. As the ethos of the program is near and dear to our founders, we wanted to address this feedback and clarify the purpose of the program.

Over the past week, the BitGold team has decided to revamp the Golden Heart program. It will be suspended in its current form and the new, improved program will be available and enhanced to BitGold users who have become active by making a valid deposit into the system and are in good standing. A referral bonus will be awarded when a user you referred also becomes an active deposited user in good standing within a defined period from the time the referral is made. Once this bonus is awarded, your bonus is yours to keep and will not be reclaimed unless you or the user you referred engage in fraudulent or abusive activity, including involvement in a network of abusers attempting to mine bonuses.

For the more than 20,000 users who deservedly received over $1 million in Golden Heart gold payouts, we thank you, and we are glad to see that you are benefiting from your participation and growing BitGold with us globally. We apologize for having to suspend a program that was a very rewarding program for you, but we hope you can continue to support BitGold with the new program and believe that your payouts will be similar on a comparable conversion basis. 

Most people are honest and they mean well. We have had the privilege to hear the stories of thousands of users who have been empowered by BitGold and the Golden Heart referral program. Unfortunately, there are also those who are dishonest or sometimes unintentionally do things the wrong way. This is a fact of life. But we are here to reward and protect positive intentions. We encourage feedback from our users as we know we won’t always get it right the first time, but we’ll be sure to constantly improve and innovate the platform and protect our customers. Remember that those responding to assist are individuals, just like yourself who are well-meaning. We are all about listening, sharing, and engaging, but above all conducting in a professional manner. We enjoy seeing all of your comments about how excited you are about BitGold, gold and its role in the global economy, and your thoughts about what you would like to see next and we encourage you to continue this discourse.

We thank you for your participation and wish you all the best with the new program, which will be launched in further detail this week!


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    I am new here & yet see no GOLD HEART on my dashboard. I waited until I was 'verified' but still no icon in upper Right corner of dashboard. Can someone assist me in locating said icon so I can begin sharing? Thanks
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