Happy New Year Goldmoney Community!!

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It’s been both a challenging and exhilarating year here on the community. We’ve been through some huge changes together as there have been some major pivots from the original platform.

Change is never easy and when we are dealing with ground breaking ideas and rapidly changing innovation there are sure to be some hurdles along the way.

Personally I am thrilled about the added capabilities and new features to the Goldmoney experience. I feel more than ever that this is the the smartest and hardest working group of people that I have ever encountered.

I will use this opportunity to remind the community that your collective voice is always heard. I made a promise that I would pass along the most pressing issues to Goldmoney staff members and I have been doing this all year.

The information collected here is actionable and the feedback is taken very seriously. Though resolutions don’t always happen as fast as we would like I can promise you that the team is working very hard at all hours to make the experience as smooth as possible.

When I look back at all that has happened in just the past couple years I am so grateful to be offered this life raft that Goldmoney provides from the very uncertain financial landscape we are all facing. No solution is perfect but I’m certainly glad we have the choice to empower ourselves through gold ownership to help protect our financial well being.

I am also super excited to watch as Menē develops and supports the Goldmoney mission to democratize access gold for all. Menē has given me that super charged thrilled that electrified my bones the first time I ever heard about Bitgold. This is a concept that can disrupt the very way we understand and own both jewelery and gold forever.

Please enjoy pictures from my 2nd year in a row of the #GoldmoneyTshirttour and feel free to join me for the 2018 version!

Happy new year everyone!




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