Goldmoney is only for big investors?

Investing 100 € at month it's small quantity? I try to do it in other company as Goldmoney and they say to me that I must invest minimum 2.000 € at month to earn money. Thanks in advance


  • GoldNRollGoldNRoll Posts: 233 Bronze ✭✭✭
    If you want to trade something frequently for gains, better stick to crypto or the stock exchange. Gold is not made for this, the ups and downs are small. Gold really protects you from economic downturn and long-term inflation.

    In my opinion Goldmoney is equally good for any quantity of gold, be it 1 gram or 10 kilos.

    Goldmoney is not optimized for redeeming physical gold in small quantities imo, the cost is too high. I won't buy 1 ounce of gold with the intention of redeeming a coin middle-term. I would sell the gold to charge a pre-payed card when I need:

    Redeeming kilo bars in person would be fine for me.
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