Will Big Companies Accumulate Productive Long-Term Reserves With BitGold?:)

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According to a recent J.P. Morgan report, U.S. companies hold a combined total of more than $2 trillion in cash abroad. Among all S&P 500 companies, Apple has parked the largest amount of cash outside the U.S. by quite a margin. The iPhone maker hoards $158 billion (89 percent of its total cash) overseas. That’s almost twice as much as second-ranked Microsoft ($82.1b) and 2.5 times the total of General Electric, which is ranked third with foreign cash holdings of $62.4 billion
After learning about the utility of gold, I started wondering why big blue-chip companies don't diversify their total cash holdings into a store of value rather than currency that’s deprecating over the long term. Free cash flow/cash reserves on a balance sheet is always something that catches your eye pretty quick when evaluating, but after understanding the true usefulness of gold which is of course money I question why we don't see companies hedging a part of their cash reserves in gold as sense of wealth insurance for the company (geopolitical uncertainties, inflation ect)

With BitGold/Goldmoney extremely accessible way of purchasing and liquidating gold could we see “Gold Reserves” on companies balance sheets in the near future?
As we’re all starting to accumulate a preserving time/effort account (i.e savings, spendable account) why don't companies start following suit?


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