Introduction: Max Lamb Relationship Manager

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Greetings Community!

As promised your collective questions and concerns have been aggregated and relayed to Goldmoney staff over the past several months. As part of a response to you Community, I am introducing you to @maxlamb, a Relationship Manager with Goldmoney.

Max will be able to answer some of your general questions about Goldmoney. I know you all have plenty!

You can tag Max with the expectation that in a reasonable time frame (think business days) you will get a general answer to your question if one is available.

Max can answer A LOT of questions because he’s sharp as a tack and knows most everything about the inner workings of the platform.

Max won’t be able to answer EVERYTHING like “Hey @maxlamb, where’s Goldmoney stock going this week,” or “Max, can I have an exact date this or that feature will come out.” He will though, answer anything that he can!

I would like to re- emphasize since its inception the community has not been designed for customer service issues but instead for general discussion about fintech, money, precious metals, and to allow an opportunity for clients to interact with each other.

If you do have a specific issue with your account, you should first e mail within your Holding if you have a holding, or e mail [email protected] if you have a personal account.

Max is here for YOU community, so feel free to tag him with general questions you have.

This is a step I feel, as a community member as well, will provide more access to all of you and hopefully improve your experience.

Thank you for providing the feedback to make this happen!!



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