Basic account vs. Full Account

It is very unclear to me, what the difference is between a basic and a full account. I tried to open account one week ago by completing the online verification process (uploading passport and proof of residence scans).

Is this enough to get verified for a basic account? On my dashboard I see the message:

To get fully verify I should send the same documents and more (salary confirmation, 2 proof of residence documents etc.) by snail mail. Is this really necessary if I don't want a credit card and only fund my account by bank transfer?. This cumbersome process doesn't make sense to me. If I send my money by bank transfer it is easily verifiable where the money came from and whether it is legal.

Would be glad if anyone could help explaining, whether I just can wait till confirmed for a basic account or I won't get verified at all when I don't send the paper forms. Guess I would look for some other service than..

Thanks for your help.

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