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Goldmoney service standards have fallen massively since since I joined when it was originally bitgold. It is impossible to speak to someone on the telephone, the UK helpline don't service goldmoney personal accounts. the email service automatically replies saying they'll get back to you in 5 business days - this is a joke for a financial services company. I'm removing all my funds and selling my stock now while i still can...


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    I'm still waiting for some service to materialize as per @Roy Sebag's thread addressing this issue. The irony of this problem is that good service would ultimately help improve a very compelling but not-yet-matured service.
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    I am a long standing customer with about 100 buys. This is the second time I have send money that Goldmoney says that they have not received. Even though I have send them prove of the transaction. Last time was for 113 GAU! I have been trying to get either the gold or the bitcoins back for 6 months now! Goldmoney have become a scam - sorry guys! >:-(
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    @customer_1 , @Minimons
    Are you both located in US?
    I am somehow afraid buying high quantities of gold with Goldmoney viewing all these comments with problems.
    On the other hand I did several transactions: buying small quantities of gold (up to 200 USD), charging my Euro pre-payed card, using the pre-payed card abroad, buying gold with dogecoin... all went fine. I use a RON debit card to fund with gold (Romanian leu, I live in Romania). All operations are quick by my standards.
    The opening of a holding for my company required a lot of papers but it never got stuck. The customer relations in St. Helier Jersey, Jose, was very supportive.
    My assumption is that the custodian in Zurich operates like a swiss machine, the GM office in Jersey is better staffed than the one in Toronto (for the number of clients they have) and that the legal work in Europe is less cumbersome than the one in US in relation to gold.
    Can GM confirm if I'm right or wrong?
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    I've wanted to love gold money from the start but unfortunately I've just had problem after problem. I've had lots of issues and when I contact customer service you get told you'll be given a response within 1-3 working days but in my experience it has taken months to resolve problems. GoldMoney genuinely is the worst customer service I have ever encounter from a financial services company and I've used many. When someone is looking after your gold, trust is paramount and I just can't trust them anymore. Their FAQs and help is out of date and fees have increased as well.
    The need to streamline, simplify and offer phone support.
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