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Dear support,

I am using forum however this would be better suited to me some message from my account to goldmoney stuff inside goldmoney client access (this question should not be on forum).

Now I have second time problem that funds that I send from my bank (bank wire transfer), hasn't reach goldmoney.
My bank tells me that they send money on January 18 2018, my clientid is [email protected]

I already sent also email to: [email protected], ofcourse i received no reply.

So what is happening can you check this.

Again I see bank wire is slow and uneficient - should I choose bitcoin next time? What do you suggest?


  • Gerald_A1948Gerald_A1948 Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    You should get a written confirmation from the bank transferring the funds and note that the funds went to where you asked them be deposited, this is normally done by email to your email account. IE- goldmoney.com account. You need to follow the instruction extremely carefully, print them out if necessary. After 2-3 days from the date of transfer, ask the bank to cancel the transfer if they can. If not, file a claim against the bank if the funds are not in your account at goldmoney.com .
    Bank wire transfers if set up properly, at the source are normally completed in a few hours. Hope this helps. I would not advise using any crypto currencies, due to the volatility that you may end up with less than intended to deposit. Crypto currencies are highly speculative at this stage and should not be relied on as a source of money transfer unless purchasing a goods, on the other end. Digital currency for a good.
    Hope this helps.
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