Can I use my Gold money card in Vietnam?

I planning a trip to Vietnam .Can I use my Gold money card for purchases


  • Mr_Troy_OzMr_Troy_Oz Posts: 70 Copper ✭✭
    edited January 31
    Yes, as long as you maintain a cash balance, it works like any other credit card would at home.
    - Transactions are automatic, but on rare occasions a retailer, hotel, or service providers 'system' may require entry of pin number. Again.. rarely.

    Can also withdraw local currency from any ATM, (that support VISA transactions), but remember your pin number, you will be asked for it every time.
    - I would suggest you also bring along another institutional banking/credit card, as back-up to the Goldmoney Card, in the event you should run into problems with a Goldmoney transaction.

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