Pay with Goldmoney on Gold'N'Roll

GoldNRollGoldNRoll Posts: 223 Bronze ✭✭✭
Hi there,

Following suggestions that I got on this community, I removed from the Gold'N'Roll marketplace the option to pay with "golden rolls" and "US gold dollars". People historically tend to forget about the gold metal behind the name of the currency and remain with the notes. From now on, the only price is the "gold gram".

I went ahead of the "Pay with Goldmoney" functionality for the new holdings, and I introduced a new field when adding a product for sale: "accepted payments". Here, I added the "Goldmoney" option.

If checked, it'll be displayed on the product page. Like for:

As soon as the "Pay with Goldmoney" widget will be ready, I'll integrate it with the marketplace.

All the best!
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