Hedera Hashgraph and MZ unveil next-generation blockchain alternative

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This is a tremendous announcement, about to start as I'm posting: Hedera Hashgraph and MZ unveil next-generation blockchain alternative.


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    I think this will be really big as well & would like to be in right at the start.
    Not sure where to begin though
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    The crypto currency / token was just announced last week and is not available to the public yet. So it's not an investment opportunity. I'm going to keep tabs at the Hedera Hashgraph website. I'm more convinced than ever that this is a true game changer. When a new technology is 40% better, twice as good, three times as good, etc. the old can continue to survive, perhaps forced into a niche market. But when a new technology is orders of magnitude, 10 or 100 thousand times as good, it will completely displace what is there now and the old technology will be relegated to museums. Comparing Hedera Hashgraph to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other current blockchain technology is like comparing the calculator and the PC to a sliderule. None of today's crypto-currencies will survive.
  • paddy10tellyspaddy10tellys Posts: 249 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Right. Keep on my radar then. Will post news of developments here as & when...

    NB https://youtube.com/watch?v=FCy9FnOq19s
    (was what i missed presumably)

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