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paddy10tellyspaddy10tellys Bronze ✭✭✭Posts: 249 Bronze ✭✭✭
I have has two prepaid cards (USD & EUR) from when I first opened a personal account but I have never used them & they are not showing up in my holding.

Now that I have decided to use them I can't.

Any tips/advice please anyone?
@MaxLamb ?

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  • MaxLambMaxLamb Staff ✭✭✭✭✭ Posts: 44 Staff ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @paddy10tellys , unfortunately your pre-paid cards cannot be transferred from your Goldmoney Personal Account to your Goldmoney Holding when you migrate. You will have to apply for new cards which will then be linked to your Holding for future use.

    If you require any assistance with this process, please feel free to send a private message to your Relationship Manager, or give us a call and we can talk you through it.
  • paddy10tellyspaddy10tellys Bronze ✭✭✭ Posts: 249 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @MaxLamb do I get the new cards for free?
    @MaxLamb will you automatically transfer the existing balance on the old cards to the new card? (for free?)
  • mau5trapmau5trap Copper ✭✭ Posts: 29 Copper ✭✭
    Your cards should still be linked to your personal account. Try activating the card and funding it through your personal account. Worked for me in December after not activating for almost 2 years.
  • madura199madura199 Tin ✭ Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    I have cancelled my prepaid master card. How can I get a new card/ how can I activate the previous card .
    Plz help me.
  • GoldStandardCanadianGoldStandardCanadian Bronze ✭✭✭ Posts: 148 Bronze ✭✭✭
    I had my prepaid card funds stolen a few months ago. A bunch of totally fraudulent charges indicating from a company called “Pro-Biller”and some obscure charges in Cyprus. I’m a Canadian and flabbergasted that Mastercard doesn’t have any geo-restrictions on their prepaid cards against some banana republic like Cyprus. I first learned of this country when people had their bank funds frozen. Anyway - So I emailed Goldmoney who advised they would get a hold of Mastercard to see what steps could be taken and get back to me. But I still haven’t heard anything.

    My bullion holdings were not affected, but this is a warning to anyone, based on my experience, that if you leave cash on a prepaid card, it is vulnerable to getting hacked. I lost about a couple hundred, perhaps mostly a nuissance, but I will be extremely weary if Goldmoney / Mastercard doesn’t introduce security measures to stop this from happening. Paddy - I also was seeing my prepaid card info disappear from visibility before this happened, so I’m not sure if they’re fighting widespread hacking / theft or what.

    I don’t want to alarm anyone. I want Goldmoney to be a successful company. I even own shares in XAU. But I kind of want my money back.
  • paddy10tellyspaddy10tellys Bronze ✭✭✭ Posts: 249 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @MaxLamb thanks. Answer accepted. @mau5trap @madura199 @GoldStandardCanadian your kind replies are very much appreicated
  • Maat09Maat09 Tin ✭ Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    I have the gold money personal account prepaid card and recently transferred over to the holding account. Do i have to upload previously uploaded verifying documents to order a card?
  • RocketDogRocketDog Silver ✭✭✭✭ Posts: 782 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    I think it may vary depending on your circumstance. I know that for me to get a card I have to upload my passport information, which I did not have to do to get the Holding verified. So for me it is an additional, new document. It should tell you when you try to apply for the card from within your Holding account.
  • CampeadorCampeador Bronze ✭✭✭ Posts: 221 Bronze ✭✭✭
    edited February 6
    Well, I used to have a Card and worked really nice. Now that is cancelled due to the "Personal" account BS, it came to the true intrinsic value of plastic.

    Now, migrated to Holding, went through all the BS to migrate. Went to request a card, due to a minimum of $1,000 could not do it.
    Transfered from Personal to Holding enought to get a card, now this message.....

    "Please note that the selected card applicant cannot apply for a prepaid card due to temporary regional restrictions. We appreciate your patience while work with our card issuer to re-enable issuance for non-European Economic Area applicants."

    WTF guys? At least they could put that first instead that I had not enough funds.
  • plashadpobedyplashadpobedy Tin ✭ Posts: 19 Tin ✭
    I have a Goldmoney Personal account. I ordered the Mastercard debit card back in 2017. I have never put any balance on the card. I just read on a board (15 Feb 2019), that those cards have been cancelled for US & Canadian users? Anyone know if this is true? In addition, the use of those cards in the US, incurs a 3% surcharge for out-of-country charges.
  • NoKingButChristNoKingButChrist Tin ✭ Posts: 12 Tin ✭
    @plashadpobedy Yes it is true. No prepaid cards for US and CAN users. They were discontinued about 6-8 mos ago. GM has stated on the website that they are in the process of getting new prepaid cards for US clients. But no updates have been provided recently.
  • magmaticsatmanmagmaticsatman Tin ✭ Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    edited February 18
    nothing yet then. no cards?
  • CMBCMB Tin ✭ Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    Is it possible to get a 24k PrepaidCard as an Austrian (EU) citizen now?, provided i have the minimum of 1000€ of funds on my account to get one.
    Or is Goldmoney not giving any cards out to anyone? If not, in which countrys is it possible to get one right now?
  • TomSwiftTomSwift Copper ✭✭ Posts: 47 Copper ✭✭
    I just checked my holding account and the option to even apply for a card is gone. Looks like it is not going to happen for many people, which is a shame.
  • P_FritzP_Fritz Tin ✭ Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    I see the same thing - no options fro prepaid cards anymore. I have an old card so does that mean the credit on there is lost? Is Gold Money still a thing?
  • CampeadorCampeador Bronze ✭✭✭ Posts: 221 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Has been few months from the last post, any news on how to get a card?
  • GJMGJM Tin ✭ Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    Any news when the gold money prepaid card will be available to U.S. clients??
  • GJMGJM Tin ✭ Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    There is a company call Glint that offers a pre-paid gold card. I am currently in the process of having my ID validated. Sprott Gold is one of the investors.
  • CampeadorCampeador Bronze ✭✭✭ Posts: 221 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Well... I am waiting for a respose, nothing?
  • GoldIsCurrencyGoldIsCurrency Gold ✭✭✭✭✭ Posts: 1,811 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭

    September 4th tweet - Roy Sebag

    Goldmoney clients in the US, Canada, and Australia, I have some great news: we are weeks away from relaunching debit cards for you. At Goldmoney we work with regulators and banks do build financial services that are compliant. Thank you for your patience!
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