Verification Process Length

I am currently locked in the verification process. I started the verification process on Feb 6th and am now working on my 6th week waiting to be verified. Is this normal ?


  • IrishGuyIrishGuy Posts: 136 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Great question @TVW
    I am waiting a few weeks now also and this is the third time I tried to get through a verification process. Tried when they first launched it, send notarised paperwork to Jersey etc., and I was hoping that this new process would help but looks like that is not the case.
    It may be that they have an issue and just move on to paperwork without issues. I just cannot understand why they do not send an automated update email to say you are still in process please wait a little longer etc., Application denied etc.,

    Anyway Good luck with getting verified. Let the board know if you are successful.
  • RustonAlbertaRustonAlberta Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    I share the concern over long wait.I have applied in Dec 2017 and with follow up and no progress on the application. They have taken a large amount of my personal information, and the identity verification via pictures, passport, driver license never worked but must be captured by GM. These are red flags when all put together.
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    Thank you @ChrisDublin, for your input. It is good to hear from a banker. I share both your concerns and enthusiasm for Goldmoney.
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    edited March 27

    This issue needs to be addressed as the highest priority..there's no point opening branches and rolling out new products if the customers can't get full access to their accounts....the timing could not be better for Goldmoney to become a major force globally...don't blow it because of this issue..

    I hope the above is taken in the manner that it was I am an enthusiastic supporter of this enterprise...

    Amen Chris. However, all this is moot to me without ACH. Also a long-time supporter and shareholder but both of these issues need to be addressed ASAP.
  • MaxLambMaxLamb Posts: 33 Staff ✭✭✭✭✭
    @TVW @IrishGuy @RustonAlberta @ChrisDublin @RocketDog @Powerlunchmoney
    We are aware of the delays that all our Clients have been experiencing in regards to the Verification Process, and this is due to a whole myriad of reasons.

    The ones of note is due to the sheer volume of new clients we took on since the launch of a Cryptocurrency service which has lead to us hiring and training more Verification Analysts to meet the demand. Another is due to the Verification Systems we used (offline documents and Equifax), which is the reason we have introduced Jumio which is a more efficient system to Verify, but does not reduce the efficacy.

    Even with these new changes in place to address the reasons for the large influx, we are still fighting to reduce the bottleneck that is effecting our verification speed. This is a momentary problem that Goldmoney has faced, however we can assure you that once it has been rectified, we will have freed up more resources and time so we can focus on your specific needs and request.

    To anyone who is a Bitgold or Goldmoney Personal client, who is migrating to Goldmoney Holding, you are still able to use your account by logging in with your email address instead of your Holding Number.

    With any new updates that I receive from my team, I will update this thread.

  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 511 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Thank you @MaxLamb for your informative response. Having lots of new clients is a good thing! Hiring and training and tackling a backlog are definite challenges.
  • DeOmnibusDubitandumDeOmnibusDubitandum Posts: 52 Copper ✭✭
    I got fully verified after about 30 days. I am NOT being sarcastic when I say that this is much better then I would have guessed - thanks!
  • ChrisDublinChrisDublin Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    I really must visit this blog more often...Thanks Max for the reply, and a proper genuine sounding reply it is too, not the standard customer service nonsense spat out by most companies....those days are history..

    And your reply is more or less exactly what I wanted to hear, a volume issue I can deal with, and I also see that, while not verified, my holding has at least been put into a formal verification queue, once I see progress, im happy,

    Keep the lines of communication open..there is precious nuggets of customer feedback to be found hidden around these blog pages...and genuine customer feedback is worth its weight in...

    Stop trying to be poetic

    Thanks again Max
  • D_PD_P Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    This whole verification process is very sketchy. Bad software and no customer support. Makes a man go hmm....... What is really going on here?
  • D_PD_P Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    Just noticed that I am the "TIN *" man. But it is not me who needs the oil. Come on guys you can do a whole lot better!
  • JamesTkirkJamesTkirk Posts: 17 Tin ✭
    I'm really happy new people are signing up. I love the whole Goldmoney idea and like to transfer a bit of pay check into my personal account automatically ever week. That being said how about you verify people that have been with for many years and have had problems trying to get a new holding account
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