Goldmoney China and vaulted gold under custody

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I have not heard anything on this in a while. What ever happened to Goldmoney China?

Also, has anyone else noticed that the amount of gold under custody seems to be extremely flat? If anything it seems like it has gone down a little. Just seems like if we are getting ~100 new people a day this should not be the case. Sure some people could be taking it in delivery but.. IDK. I kinda doubt I'm the only share holder who has noticed this. I'm not a bear, I am still buying in at these prices. But am I missing something here?


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    @Zach3000 I sent a message to Goldmoney at the end of March because I was expecting the launch to be in March and was told it will launch over the course of the next few months. Possibly some regulatory delays, I am really not sure that is just me speculating.

    As for the real time audit take note it is displayed in USD. A while back the Customer Asset Value was hovering in the 1.35 Billion USD territory. So now at 1.45 Billion it is roughly 100 million USD higher. The value fluctuates as precious metal values fluctuate.
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    Hey Gold is Currency,
    Thanks for responding and thanks for sharing on Goldmoney China. Aside from general input from fellow Goldmoney fans, I guess I am hoping by saying something in a public area that maybe the company would give us some more insight into what was happening. I know that there is some times regulation on information sharing but hey, I'm a curious person.

    As far as the real time audit goes, the key section I was looking at was the "Total gold asset" currently at Gold 20,823,632.675
    I like to focus on that specifically because it does not take into account other assets. Seems like we have been at the 20800000 range for a long time. Correct me if I'm wrong but looking at this chart leads me to believe this is a weight and not a dollar amount. I use to map this stuff on a spread sheet every couple of days but then kinda got lazy. Maybe my memory is off.. Has anyone been diligent in doing so? I am excited to see the gram equivalents picking back up.
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