I'm having a difficult time navigating the site... I find what I'm looking, click on what seems to be a useful link only to lose the original page I started from... like when I first came to the Community it looked like I had to create a name/avatar, but I can't find that page again.

I wanted to ask what the redemption fees are... does anyone know or have experience with this procedure?


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    In my experience, the redemption fees depend on how you redeem. If you are selling your gold for dollars and have that transferred to your bank, it was pretty competitive, like 1% from spot. That option is suddenly no longer available, and I’m not sure how much the wire transfer is. Probably a little more.

    When I have looked at having physical gold shipped to me, it seemed competitively priced. Slightly more expensive than most online retailers.
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    Maybe this may help:

    At the end:
    Physical redemptions from each vault can be arranged if you own 1 kilogram of gold or 1,000 ounces of silver.

    An appointment will be made on your behalf, at which time you may visit the vault custodian with necessary paperwork to collect your metal. There is a one-time fee of 10 gold grams for each physical redemption.

    You may redeem cash or metal value to take physical delivery through our subsidiary Schiff Gold. A Schiff Gold representative can arrange for the purchase and shipment of sovereign coins and bars. There is no fee to redeem value from Goldmoney to Schiff Gold.

    Click here to download our full fee schedule.


    Am these articles are useful on this subject:

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