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Has anyone heard of the "B of Joy"? Are you participating? Willing to take a look? What do you think?


The B of Joy is listed as, "a cooperative, fair-trade, pro-life bank in formation". It is a European thing, so I think "pro-life" means "sustaining the people" not the American meaning of pro-life.

They are trying to get 60,000 members, 10,000 larger investors, and then apply for a banking permit. They will use URA as currency, they will not charge interest, they will invest in social-entrepeneurship type projects, they will use 4th generation block-chain technology to manage the URA. They will pay some sort of annual dividend to investors.

I am not supporting nor advertising for them, just curious about what you money-savvy community members think.
I think it is interesting.


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    Just a few brilliant ideas from their website:

    "6. All wars are created by bankers
    Solutions. The path to true peace on Earth lies in: 1. The abolishment of all private central banking everywhere. 2. The return to a people owned cooperative who control the issuance of value-based currencies that allow nations and people to become prosperous.

    7. A tiny tax from bankers transactions
    Robin Hood Tax is a tiny tax on bankers that would raise billions to tackle poverty and climate change, at home and abroad.

    Oxfam is supporting the Robin Hood Tax campaign as part of a coalition of over 50 charities.

    If governments took a tiny tax of 0.05% from international bankers transactions, it could generate hundreds of billions of pounds every year that could stop cuts in crucial public services at home in UK, and help fight global poverty."

    The same as the tiny 1% income income tax imposed only on the rich in 1913? :))
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    Thanks for your comments @GoldNRoll . I also like the concept of using our money for social good, and keeping it out of the hands of those who would like to leverage it, inflate it, and start wars with it. I don't like the idea of the Robin Hood Tax, however. I have two reasons for that--two wrongs don't make a right, I don't want to get income from evil doings. And any form of theft is still theft, even if we are stealing it back from those who stole it from us. (Taxes are theft.) I think it would be better to just keep our money away from them, and refuse to do business with them, and be willing to find and incarcerate them if we need to.
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    @RocketDog I agree with you, I was ironic when I wrote brilliant. I meant to say "brilliant" ;)
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    Oh...sarcasm doesn't come through in the typing sometimes. Well, so far, nobody thinks much of the B of Joy.

    One of the founders, Ronald Bernard, has the most amazing tale of currency conspiracy that you have ever heard.
    Here is part 1 of 5. Enjoy.

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    If the distribution of the creative production is a Pareto Distribution, even by following the rules, most of the people end up with very little while very few people end up with a lot. While the gap widens, the majority at the bottom realizes that the gap cannot be closed so the only way to catch up is to break the rules and reset the game. That's how bloody revolutions happen.
    What I don't like at B of Joy is that some of their ideas cannot be realized other than by bloody revolution. What will be the power that abolishes private banking? The people?
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    Ultimately, if people are being suppressed, they need to fight back. Perhaps the fighting is through a clever workaround (crypto or gold). But if the banks/governments are prepared to use violence to take our property (taxes) and control our money (through digital currency and manipulating the markets) then eventually they will cause us to work too hard, and to go hungry. Then people are motivated to physically fight back.
    The violence is already occurring against us. As long as most people have the illusion of prosperity and feeling of comfort nothing is likely to happen. But I do think people are realizing that they can't count on any certainty in the future with the system that we have. People are stopping working. People are moving away. People are homesteading. People actually came out ot "Occupy" some space a few years back when the discomfort grew in the USA. Now the USA is as polarized as before a civil war. We think we have political differences but really it is about money, and who gets to take what from who. Sure, it will probably be bloody, sadly enough.
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    I hope not, I hope for the clever workaround. We have to find intelligent defense solutions for our liberties. Technology is number one. Effective interpersonal communication is the second number one.
    For technology we need capital to invest in research and production. Peter Thiel does a great job.
    For communication we only need to invest in our own personal development. I will open a discussion on this topic soon :smile:
    During both peaceful slavery and violent revolution, we have to be like water (quoting Bruce Lee). Adapt, flow, change shape, get the best out of situation and feel ok in any circumstances.
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    I like the way you think @GoldNRoll, and the Bruce Lee reference. Kind of like the guys in the Matrix, sneaking around as much as they could to avoid conflict.
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