Anyone share a new 'creative' real estate investing contract: win/win/win using Goldmoney?

Good day. Can anyone share a new 'creative' real estate investing contract/agreement which integrates a Win/Win/Win for all parties utilizing Gold-money.. tools/techniques?


  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 821 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    How about you put your savings into a Goldmoney account and save it as gold. Then, one day, when the currency and real estate market crashes, you offer somebody gold for their land/house/property. They get excited about receiving gold instead of currency which is devaluing at a tremendous rate. You tell them you can either give them physical gold, which you can easily redeem from your Goldmoney account, or you can transfer the gold to them, into their Goldmoney account, and that way they can keep the gold digital and continue to spend it on other things, without taking physical possession. They get even more excited about that. You decide to bid low on their property, knowing they really want the gold and most other people don't have gold to offer. They happily accept and get some gold instead of worthless currency. You get property at a bargain price. Then you pay off the property taxes in gold too. Thank god you had a Goldmoney account! Win, win, win!
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    This should be moved to the Suggestions/Wishes thread, you can buy multi-million dollar yachts with Goldmoney, why not facilitate gold-for-homes.
  • ProsperProsper Posts: 14 Tin ✭
    I have one, create a REIT for say, "tiny home rentals," payments processed in Goldmoney and the listing is in our Network, a matter of fact its a better deal than paying with CC or Cash. Refunds of Deposits are processed through GM if in Network if not back to the 19th century. Then the REIT pays dividends to shareholders through Goldmoney as the net income is allocated. The cycle continues, and everyone's GM account grows because of a GM facilitated investment. This model can also extend to any product or service in a market, that is created. WIN/WINWINWInWiN/WIN.

    PS. Contract secures the property and the account numbers are used to facilitate exchange. This also creates another class of investor as the investment would not be negated by those who pay with CC or Cash, etc. The dividends are all placed in holding accounts. Fiat to Gold daily transfer would be another win.
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