hello good day ,sent funds to my Goldmoney card and its been pending for 3 weeks.please can you look


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    Hi @appleseed if this is your first fund, it can take a longer than the standard 24-48 hours. However I am surprised that it has been pending for 3 weeks.

    I can't be much help with specific requests on Community as I do need to find your Holding to help (and we do recommend that you do not post your Holding number on community), so please could you send us an email through a support page, and we can help you further. Alternatively you can give our office a call, and we can help you out that way.

    - Max
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    its not holding ,its Goldmoney personal, and I am yet to get a confirmation as its still pending, this week makes it a month.
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    I've been calling and emailing for a month now and getting no reply ,I am having a pending transaction for a month now
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