Still not received funds via Bank Wire transfer from Goldmoney

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Hello, I have requested a wire redemption and have not received the funds (15,000), no small sum, to use for my house purchase.

Goldmoney Support said

"Your wires have been approved and you should be able to receive with 1-2 business days."

Well that time has passed and no funds wired.

The wire to the account works, for I have executed this same wire before.

An example, if I contacted my bank to wire someone funds, in the morning, the person would receive them the next day. This is not a new process in today's world. (electronic transfer of funds, is very fast)

So I contact support asking what is wrong, no response, I contact them again, no response, etc. Customer service, I think should be better.

So I am asking if someone from the community could help me with getting my money returned? thank you

I have a financial transaction waiting on receiving my money and am trying to get a status on the delay of my funds.

But here is the issue, how will I know, support does not answer???


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    Hi @GM_customer. I am not sure how you were trying to contact them. But your best luck will be to call them on the telephone during their business hours. Most people who call and talk to a live person get proper help and have their issue resolved.

    We can ask @MaxLamb to respond in here, but you will still need to call support to give them your account info (you don't want to reveal any of that in here). I wish you a quick resolution -- real estate transactions can be stressful.
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    what is their number?
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    Hello, I want to thank everyone for the help, The wires have come through and I have the funds. Again, thank you for your time.
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    Thanks for letting us know. I am glad it all worked out.
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    My deposits by wire never go through. ACH no longer works and transfer by debit card has an old card number and it will not let me enter new one. I can't make deposits and need to. Interestingly enough, I have a couple of friends who cancelled their accounts because they could not even get them set up. I am very frustrated with Gold Money!
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    Hi @RDK. I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. I can relate. I had to open an account at a bank that would handle international wire transfers, and preferably online. You might need to ask around and do the same. I know that Goldmoney will accept a wire transfer if it gets to them. The problem is probably with your bank. The money going to your Goldmoney account gets wired to the Royal Bank of Canada (at least that's how mine work). I don't know where you are in the world. But check with the bank to make sure they can transfer to RBC or wherever it says on the Wiring Instruction that you get when you attempt to set up a transfer. I chose Bank of America from USA, it works but they charge a lot of money--more than the $40 they advertise because they add on an extra $15 fee that is unexplained.
    But I discovered I can wire in from my eTrade account for only $25. So maybe you can wire in from a brokerage account too.

    You are right that ACH doesn't work anymore. Goldmoney announced that "feature". It is a huge impediment to frequent, convenient transfers.
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    Hi. I am having a similar problem right now for a wire that was suppose to reach me but didnt. I opened a thread for this already have still receive no support. Can someone please advise? Thanks.
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    Same here - I have tried to redeem to my bank in South Africa. No joy at all, staff at GM stated that maybe Toronto Brinks does not do Wire transfers to South Africa. This has to be untrue. I paid for my repatriation, my money disappeared for 1 month before getting placed back in my Brinks holding. So I am still stuck with no way to transfer to my own bank. This is not a good thing for most non-canadians. The result is I have stopped buying gold and now await clarity from GM as to how to have access to my own funds. It has been 45 days and no one at GM can give me an answer! Anybody with advice out there?
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