A History of Gold Confiscation

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A History of Gold Confiscation

For more infographics check out MINING.com.


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    I believe this needs up dating to cover Federal Reserve gold theft here and abroad.
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    I see that someone has "disagreed" with this post containing the infographic from mining.com above?

    I am curious as to why you disagreed?

    Did you disagree with the history of gold confiscation as described?

    Did you disagree with my implied assertion that it could happen again?

    Did you disagree with the ability of governments to confiscate gold?
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    Please note that I am not suggesting that governments will succeed in attempts to confiscate gold or that making deposits in BitGold is in anyway a bad idea because it might be confiscated. In fact should a given government attempt to confiscate gold, I suspect that gold stored in vaults outside of the country attempting the confiscation would be potentially safe.

    Thus as a US citizen, my gold in the New York vault might be at risk, but my gold in the Zurich vault might be safe.

    I welcome a calm discussion on this topic.

    I personally do not worry about this scenario, but there is an old joke that states:

    "Just because you are paranoid does not mean that they are NOT out to get you."

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    Very useful infographic @79Au197 ;)
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