Wire Transfer Failed - Please help

lorinlewislorinlewis Posts: 2 Tin ✭
I have been a Goldmoney member for about 4 months not including the 3 months it took to become a member. I placed a wire transfer withdraw. Unfortunately I entered the domestic routing number to my bank of America Account instead of the International routing number. It has been 4 weeks "awaiting receipt". My funds still show up in my Goldmoney account but they are apparently locked in the matrix of Ethernet...lol. I am not able to cancel the wire transfer myself and I can't buy any metals. I have contacted my Goldmoney representative multiple times and asked what was the hold up. I have been receiving helpful replies like "we will expedite the process" "we are working to address this situation" but no live person ever told me that the transfer number was incorrect or the transfer has malfunctioned. Now that I have recognized the problem (I entered the wrong routing number), I just want to cancel the pending withdraw and try again with the correct routing number. Can anyone from Goldmoney or Goldmoney members help me with this pending transaction? I can't tell you how frustrating it is to not be able to actually talk to someone about this to get this resolved.
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