Metal Prepaid Price Increase


I have recently inquired about the price increase of the metal prepaid cards. Previously, the cards were issued at $200 + price of metal. Recently, the price has increased to $1500 + price of gold and $500 + price of silver. Below are my questions:

1. When will the Gold card be back on sale? (Currently sold out).

2. Why did the price increase from $200 + Cost of Metal to now $1500 + Cost of Metal for the Gold card?

And here was the answer given to me:

We are currently ordering more gold cards and hope to have them available again soon.
The price of our cards is reflective on the cost of manufacturing. We were negotiating the price with our card issuer and found this to be the best possible price we could get for our clients. If you were to go through the card issuer directly, it would cost you around 14,000 USD to get the card.

Either the card issuer landed on an arbitrary number or production volume has decreased dramatically.

Being a US citizen and in need of a USD card, I am stuck choosing a metal card as prepaid plastic cards are currently restricted. Any chance of these prices getting back to "normal"?



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