Failure to deposit with debit or credit card since June

I haven't been able to deposit with any of my debit or credit cards since June. None of my bank accounts have blocked transactions with Goldmoney and have in fact flagged them as ok to purchase from. Three unresolved support tickets have been generated with GoldMoney. #23458, #20767 and #21465. This was the last contact I had from Jake Wang (Gold Money)
Jake Wang (Goldmoney)
Aug 2, 13:35 EDT
Hello ******
I apologize for now following up with you immediately.
There are some issues with our credit card processor and they are being looked into.
We hope to have a resolution to this issue soon and apologize for this inconvenience.
Best Regards
Jake Wang
Relationship Manager

So as you can see that was nearly 2 months ago and still no resolution. I tried again today and all cards failed. This is really horrible customer service. I do get emails that ask me to rate the support.....seriously? "How would you rate the support you received?"........well I guess I could rate it if the help tickets were ever resolved......still waiting.

Anyone else having this problem?


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