Goldmoney Tutorial : Refunding Your Prepaid Card


  • DukeGodfreyDukeGodfrey Posts: 7 Tin ✭
    There is no "refund balance to account" option on my prepaid card interface!

    You need to contact me at once.

    I am going to be contacting most everyone to deal with this ridiculous problem. The practical thing would be you offer to send me a check and then freeze the card money when you sent it and deduct it when I deposit the check.

    You need to contact me and explain where the option to transfer the card money is. Or email me and give me a phone number!
  • GLDGLD Posts: 49 Copper ✭✭
    Look under your "more" option in Overview>Cards.
    That being said .... i have less than $7.50us on my card ..... and its blocking me from refunding because its too little gold.
    LOL .... seriously. Its for little things like this that i have dropped my gold holdings here from ~$10,000 cdn to $500. I have also sold most of my Goldmoney shares. Losing faith.

  • DukeGodfreyDukeGodfrey Posts: 7 Tin ✭
    Ok I was able to do it via the other method - the same way I funded in the first place. Maybe I am computer special needs case... but I never saw a "refund to balance" option. Anyway I got a prompt polite reply and the credit card cash is in gold now so I am pleased. I still have not wed Paris Hilton yet so I yet have to bother messing with financial things.
  • WLWWLW Posts: 5 Tin ✭
    I only had US$25 in the prepaid MasterCard account, but it is no longer there, and it was not spent by me. Did it get sent over to the US$ account in the holding section when that opened up for me? Please advise.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 3,944 Admin
    Hello @WLW . For customer support inquiries the best thing to do is contact a Relationship Manager . Here is the support page :

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