How can GM get into real-estate-rental payments? And what are our use cases?

Millennials are renting more.
Anyone have thoughts about GM partnering with large owners of multifamily properties to collect rent in gold?
Could a REIT just have a holding, add a Goldmoney payment option to their website and collect gold payments each month?

Or is rent too frequent/short-term an expense to be funding a holding and buying gold each month? (ya, I really don't understand GM too well)

If not real estate, where is the "gold payment network" emerging?


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    Good questions. I will attempt the first amateur response.
    If you were a property owner with a Goldmoney account, you could ask your tenants to get Goldmoney accounts and pay you in gold transfers, I think. Also if you were a property owner/landlord, you could have at one point made a webpage for rent payment, and put a Goldmoney payment button on that page so that renters could convert cash to gold and pay you in gold. I think. But I think that the gold payment button/widget thing isn't available anymore. There are some people on this board who had more experience with gold payment, like @GoldNRoll, he might give you a better answer. But originally the whole point of BitGold was to do business in gold, no matter how small the transaction. This has been derailed over the past couple of years. I am not sure what sort of business entities are allowed to have Goldmoney accounts.
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