My Mene Referrals Link (Help me afford a piece I want from them. Please? i've stooped so low lol)

Mene sells western style 24kt gold and platinum jewelry. If you interested in purchasing something from them, please use my referrals link:

The mutual benefits:

$5 On signup Up to $50 per order
($200 Minimum Spend)

Earn $5 in Menē Credit every time someone signs-up and $10 - $50 each time that person makes a purchase of $200 or more without using gift cards and/or Menē Credit. These credits will be paid to both you and the person who originally used your invite-link to join Menē!

Please use my referrals link if you want to get $55 credit and are going to purchase something anyway. I could also use the credits (it would give me a nice discount on something I want to purchase) :)
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