What can't I transfer money into the Goldmoney Barclays account, with only option being Toronto

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ok, the Goldmoney representative doesn't seem able to answer this question. I've recently opened a holding account and the only option for a wire transfer is to a Toronto-based goldmone bank account (which costs money for the transfer and the exchange). My husband has a holding from a few years back and he's able to pay via BACS into a UK based Barclays account (for free). We live in the UK so why don't I have this option when I try to fund my holding?


    Hello Glitter,
    Did you solve the above problem ??
  • NathanNathan Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    I have this problem too. I have recently opened a holding account. However, my account has not been verified yet. Could this be the problem?
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    Hi Nathan, I don't know if that is the problem. My only option is also Toronto. But I just want to advise that you should not transfer money into your account until it has been verified. (Or only transfer a little bit to test it.) Because you will not be able to transfer funds out if you don't get verified.
    You might try TransferWise to reduce the fees.
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