How Long does it take to receive a wire transfer

It has been more than three weeks since I ordered the sale of the gold and a wire transfer of the funds. The gold is no longer in my account but still no wire. The email service isn't working either. So where is it? Any comments?


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    Did you get a confirmation from Goldmoney that the money was sent? I just sold some gold and wired it to my bank. I got confirmation of gold sale. Then I got confirmation that funds had been wired. Then there were two days where my money was in the ether -- at my bank, in their SWIFT account waiting to be allocated to my bank account. Goldmoney says it takes up to 6 business days to complete a wire transfer.
    If you did not get confirmation (by email) that the wire was sent then contact Goldmoney support. If you did get confirmation that the wire has been sent, then contact your bank.
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    My bank is asking for thr SWIFT code for the wire in order to trace the funds. Goldmoney has simply not responded with the necessary information. It has been over two months since the gold was sold and I'm still waiting and writing messages.

    Goldmoney sent we a sheet with information oin the funds in terms of amount, etc. But still no Swift code.
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    If you go into your holding and begin the process to wire a small amount of money into your holding, you will get an instruction sheet that tells you how to wire money in and their swift code. You don't have to follow through with the wire, because in order to get money into your account you have to initiate the wire with your bank (Goldmoney can't pull it in like EFT). So after you get the instruction sheet, go back to your Goldmoney pending transfers and cancel the wire.
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    I sold gold and i asked for two bank wire, one has been processed and credited , the second one is pending from two business days, i wrote to the support, no answer... what's appening ? it's about 1350€ , a small amount
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