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There are a number of Goldmoney shareholders in the community, so I am posting this link to check out the new Mene Investor Relations page.

Goldmoney shareholders will soon (very soon) be Mene shareholders as well.

There is also a place to sign up to receive e mails regarding shareholder updates for Mene on the page

Mene trades under the symbol MENE in Canada and MENEF in the US


  • powslayerpowslayer Posts: 105 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @Goldmatters new 52 week low for shareholders... What is going on behind the scenes?? I am losing hope. Can you say if there is a glimmer of light left or is it soon to be lights out for shareholders/bagholders ??
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    Hello @powslayer

    I don’t really have any more information than anyone else on the community but I do listen to all the conference calls and read the quarterly reports ect. The fundamentals of the company as far as the balance sheet and core business seem sound from those sources.

    This is a question better suited for Investor Relations: [email protected]

    If you do reach out, I’m sure the community would love to hear.

    Having said that....

    In my OPINION I think Mene is a big positive for Goldmoney shareholders as far as creating value for both companies. As Roy said on the most recent conference call, a $2 million investment into Mene has turned into a $60 million windfall for the Company. Obviously we havent seen this reflected in the share price to date.

    I know I am also looking forward to receiving the Mene shares on Dec. 7.

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    I forgot to mention that Roy has also said publicly (as brought up by a member of this community a few days ago), that the Company buys back shares almost every week
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    Mene will obviously be a huge positive for GoldMoney. It will be a diversification that'll strenghten GM stocks without the need for a rise in gold prices, but rather consumption.

    I compared the exact same ring on Mene and at a supermarket in WA, USA. The 14 karat version was $1,200 in the WA store, while the 24 karat version on Mene was $380. That is an insane difference that explains why Mene is constantly out of stock.

    Great diversification !
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    @Gadsilla agreed. It’s incredible to think that 14k gold, which is actually 58% gold (or as I like to call it “42% Not Gold) is typically marked up arbitrarily higher than a 24 karat gold piece from Mene, buts its almost always the case.

    So you end up getting more gold for less fiat with Mene for a similar item
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    I would've purchased some gold at Mené if it wasn't always out of stock. I'm hoping for the value of the GM investment in Mené that it's due to the high demand, and not an issue with the supply.

    Also on the note of if the investment is worth it, one has see Mené as the perfect counterweight. If gold prices decline GM will have a harder time sustaining their profits, and are more likely to turn to higher fees.

    While if GM is diversified with Mené a gold price decline will cause a higher demand for gold jewelery, hence GM being able to get return on some of those profits through Mené.
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    @Gadsilla Which item are you looking for? I will keep an eye out for you.

    There is also a ‘notify me’ option when an item is back on stock on sold out items.

    To address your concern, this is extremely well documented in many public comments by Roy that there is overwhelming demand for Mene (over $3 million wait list) . This is the highest quality problem a less than 1 year old company can have and they are well aware and addressing it :)
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    I already selected the "notify me" option. Yes, I've approved Mené to my clients & through the referrals I'm almost set to purchase a ring purely based on that for today.

    I'm going to ask one of my employees in Norway to check out the Jewelery prices "classic" physical stores there compared to Mené as it has to go through the 25% VAT which we might be able to avoid legally, and hence finding an opportunity to open the market there.

    I'm glad to see that the investment is working out for GM and I hope I get approved soon so I can start building some positions in GM.
  • bennettbennett Posts: 13 Tin ✭
    @Goldmatters regarding the Mene distribution of shares, will Goldmoney retain a substantial ownership interest in Mene after the distribution?
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    @bennett as of the moment yes. Only about 4 million Mene shares are being distributed in the initial traunche.

    This is the capital stucture from the November Investor presentation. This will be slightly outdated but gives an idea of outstanding shares\share ownership ect

  • bennettbennett Posts: 13 Tin ✭
    @Goldmatters very good to know. Thank you for confirming this. The XAU/XAUMF price decline is astonishing considering the value creation by Mene alone.
  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 652 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Another amazing day of decline in XAUMF. Of course the US stock market dropped by 800 points today too. I hope that Goldmoney gold gets popular with investors and that this stock shakes out of the decline into a better value.
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