Mene issues

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So while we were looking further into Mene and one of my employees found out that the costumer support advertised on Mene isn't actually available. There's no 24/7 chat support, in fact there's no chat support at all. I'll post a picture of the replies we've gotten in our attempts to talk to costumer support.

It's an immediate automated response, and looking further into Mene we started to fear that it's an aesthetically pleasing facade. Perhaps we caught them at a specific unlucky time. However, we fear that it has become a shell of a company since dropping to essentially a penny-stock. Which might be why we found reports of items being out of stock for 6 months +.

What are your thoughts, I expect there to be someone with more knowledge on Mene than I do. We'll try to contact Mene directly to see if it's somewhat responsive. It makes it somewhat hard to decide if it is a good idea or not to become a shareholder in GM if they're investing in penny stocks. Despite all of that these are all really good concepts and ideas that ''should'' be working out considering how innovative it is.

I've been hanging around here for a couple days now and there seems to be life here, and I see announcements regarding Mene a lot. Am I missing something ?


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