Deposited money lost and customer service indifferent

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I have opened a holding on the 21st of November. On the 26th of November my husband ordered a deposit into the holding from his UK bank. The deposit was never received. After a week and half of trying to understand, on the 6th of December, I was told that the problem is that the holding is not in my husband's name and the money should be either returned or my husband's bank or my husban should be added as a joint holder. I answered that I want him to be added. Since then the payment notice was removed from my pending payments, the money did not appear neither in my account nor in my husband's bank account, no body got back in touch regarding anything.

Today on the 10th, I called to understand more, and to my shock, someone who is not very sure what they are doing from the customer service told me that the transaction was cancelled on the 21st of November and the money should be in my husband's bank account. That's shocking because the fund was opened on the 21st, and the money deposit request was made on the 26th and the money was received on the 28th!

I am not sure what is happening, I tried to explain to the CS guy that I have to report to my bank (NatWest in the UK) that this happened so they can investigate further the company and check for fraud potential, but he was indifferent and told me that he will get in touch once he know something more, when I asked for a timeline, he said only " when I know more".

I am not sure what to do, the amount of money is large (big chunk of our savings) and I am new to goldmoney and was excited to be able to buy metals, but now even if things were solved, I don't feel my money is safe.

Please advise.

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    That sounds very weird indeed ! Could you update us on how this progresses when you manage to contact customer service ?
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    Goldmoney has totally underspent on customer service. They wanted to onboard millions of new accounts with 3 guys. lolz.
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    Update: I received a reply telling me that my husband need to start a holding for himself and get verified and that we jointly send a signed letter to have a joint holding before the money (which apparently is currently locked with GM).

    My account has not been verified and today I received a long list of documents that I should collect and provide in order to get verified because of "my nationality".
    I decided to get the money back (sacrificing the bank wire fees that I paid) and drop the idea of using GM. After all, buying GM does not really make buying gold much easier. In addition to the complicated process and very bad customer service (which doesnt make you feel reassured when money is at stake), I have concerns regarding the security measures taken by CS. I was able to call and discuss my holding information using nothing but my holding number. Not a single element of identity verification was employed and I could only think that this is so vulnerable. This is again not reassuring when money is at stake.
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