Same Day Wire Transfer Out! Success!

RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 826 Silver ✭✭✭✭
I know a some people on this board are having trouble with wire transfers. I wanted to confirm that I just completed by second wire transfer from my Verified Holding. It was over 20k. Amazingly it happened in 1 day. My previous transfer out took 4 days. So I didn't even check until today. But I ordered the transfer from Cash (I had sold the gold the prior week) on Dec 7, and later on Dec 7 the money was in my bank account.
I know that sometimes things go wrong and it is hard to track down the issue. But I have had two successful transfers. I made a small one first as a test and after it successfully arrived at the bank, I sent the the "big" one.
We typically only hear the complaints on this board. According to this website, Goldmoney has clients in over 150 countries. That is a lot of varying technology, banks, and regulations to deal with.

Tips for success: Make sure your account is VERIFIED before you fund it significantly. Goldmoney can't verify everyone. If you live in a suspicious place, lack adequate ID or proof of residence, or have suspicious money transfer patterns you may never get verified. This is due to anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist regulations. It is frustrating, but not Goldmoney's fault.

Link your banks and test your transactions with small transfers before you need your big transfer.
I know ACH/EFT transfers have been removed for many customers (USA). So find an international bank that is accustomed to doing international wire transfers, get an account there and use them to transfer your money to Goldmoney. Once again, test with a small wire transfer before wiring a large amount -- this will prevent ulcers. I was also able to wire successfully, and less expensively from eTrade to Goldmoney. I wire from Goldmoney to an international bank.


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