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Why does the stock price suck?


  • SharedevaluemikeSharedevaluemike Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    ???????? Anyone>
  • bennettbennett Posts: 16 Tin ✭
    Compare a chart of the Bitcoin price to XAU/XAUMF and you will have your answer. Why is it trading at a discount to cash? I have no idea.
  • Lone_StarrLone_Starr Posts: 104 Bronze ✭✭✭
    I my opinion I can think of two main reasons.

    #1 the company has not done a good job of growing its user base

    #2 the company continues to loose money

    It's a shame. It has great potential.
  • nienie Posts: 129 Bronze ✭✭✭
    I do not (completely) agree. In the last company presentation is described that the client assets are stable although metals like Gold als Silver are currently under pressure. The gross margin is bigger than ever and in Q2 2018 they have their (first small) net income.

    I am with @bennett , the cryptocurrency market might be the main reason for this (super bad) stock price.

    In general, there are more pros than cons. To name an example, I have contacted Renee Wei from IR and I have got a useful answer within three hours. The same applies for the customer support on Twitter. However, I have to main concerns:
    a) Why is @Roy Sebag doing two jobs: Goldmoney and Mene. There should be one CEO who fights 24/7 for the company.
    b) There should be hired more people for the customer support (e.g., to give helpful answers in the community board).

    To sum it up: I believe the stock will (strongly) rise in the near feature. Nonetheless, there is some space for improvements.
  • BillybetaBillybeta Posts: 47 Copper ✭✭
    @nie those are great points. Thats how I feel as well. Too much attention to MENE at the expense of GM IMO.
  • Lone_StarrLone_Starr Posts: 104 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Here is a great interview. Listen carefully to what Roy says. The growth is in Mene and it's easier to grow with Mene than with Goldmoney.

  • GadsillaGadsilla Posts: 130 Bronze ✭✭✭
    A poor reputation is a possibility. There might also be the possibility that Mene focus is taking a toll on GM short term. However, you guys shouldn't be as worried about short-term volatility and decline. You purchase Gold stock and physical Gold for the long ride, it isn't a short term asset.
  • @Gadsilla, If there's bad reputation from the community being full of support questions, that is a symptom of the urgent need to hire world-class developers to revamp the website and user interface. There's no separation of the support questions, and no response or "resolved" label posted, so complaints and questions are left sitting in this forum. It's not fair that @Goldmatters has to post press releases and columns while Goldmoney does nothing to present itself through a proper-looking website/forum/app.
    They need to start from scratch with an elegant look and new user interface. This forum and Holding are unbelievably dated and confusing.

    We have no app, (still no Mastercard), and all these patch-job UIs are layered on top of one another. There are tiny useless buttons all over every screen, it's unintuitive to find questions, to sign into the forum...

    Just look at the organization of Robinhood's app. It's SO FAST, with SO FEW SCREENS, such consistent design language, hardly any words on the screen -- all because of incredible organization.

    Let's find out what Goldmoney can look like. Hire more developers.
  • UC_MrPOWRs_iLuv_GOLDUC_MrPOWRs_iLuv_GOLD Posts: 24 Tin ✭
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    (duplicate post) -- See? We need to revamp the site
  • UC_MrPOWRs_iLuv_GOLDUC_MrPOWRs_iLuv_GOLD Posts: 24 Tin ✭
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    nie said:

    a) Why is @Roy Sebag doing two jobs: Goldmoney and Mene. There should be one CEO who fights 24/7 for the company.
    b) There should be hired more people for the customer support (e.g., to give helpful answers in the community board).

    Why is @Roy Sebag spending time writing the longest YouTube comment I have ever seen on his Hedge Eye interview? I understand that Liberty is a fruit of ideas and philosophizing, but we need to turn to focus from "natural philosophy" to executing on features that will grow the user base.

    Roy, who do we have to corral and light a fire under to get Mastercards, Active Trader, a Robinhood-level app with Robinhood-level marketing, and synergy with Mene?
  • bennettbennett Posts: 16 Tin ✭
    @UC_MrPOWRs_iLuv_GOLD you make a great point. I have wondered the same thing. There's no question Roy is utterly brilliant and has great vision, but who is responsible for the day-to-day execution? Mene's execution has been excellent, which makes Goldmoney's lack of progress even more perplexing.
  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 759 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Over 1.5 million customers in 150 countries and storing $2 billion in customer assets. Such large precious metals stores that jewelers and banks buy metals from Goldmoney. Sounds fairly successful to me.

    I agree that transfering money in and out has gotten less convenient and more expensive. Room for improvement.
  • GadsillaGadsilla Posts: 130 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @UC_MrPOWRs_iLuv_GOLD You're right, there is a lot that can be changed, making GM more structured, efficient, user friendly, ect ect. It can be frustrating, especially if you're invested highly into one company.

    I wouldn't count on it though. Accept what currently is available and if isn't good enough I suppose searching for a better alternative is the only option.
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