Irish Gold vault and Brexit

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Hi all
Interesting article on a new vault in Ireland and that gold purchases are up in England on Brexit fears.
The vault will be run by goldcore in conjunction with Loomis.
@Goldmoney Would love to know will this be a vault option at some point in the future?


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    Thanks for posting @IrishGuy. These are interesting articles. They expect Dublin to be more popular than London? Wow. Obviously, a lot of political and demographic tensions in the former "World's best city". Also the 400% increase in demand for gold on brexit fears. That behavior is good news. I know many of us were worried that not enough people seem to be running for gold yet. Maybe most of the western world is just now waking up. Europe and the Yellow Vests seem to be leading the pack. The Trump bump is probably keeping the USA in slightly better economy and lagging on the waking up part. (At least we woke up enough to vote against Hillary.) I just bought a yellow vest so I can wear it in support of the European demonstrations (live streamed on RT on YouTube every weekend), and keep it on the dash of my car. I have renewed respect for the French. Things are really getting exciting. I hope we manage to correct the flow of humanity without major violence.
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    Yes the French do it well. Others just protest vote various politicians into power. The French protest on the street.

    Seems like a lot of people in England are waking up alright. Applications for Irish Passports has surged recently - here is some details:

    Current rules entitle those born to Irish parents or grandparents to apply for an Irish passport through a claim to citizenship.

    'At least 10 per cent of the UK's population, not including Northern Ireland, are estimated to qualify for an Irish passport and in light of Brexit, many including a number of my own family members are staking their claim to an Irish passport.

    'Figures released to me by the Irish Embassy in London have shown that there is no sign of this rush for Irish passports abating.'

    The figures show there were 46,229 applications in 2015, 63,453 in 2016 and a 'whopping' 80,752 in 2017, he said.

    'Figures for the first half of 2018 show the number of applications received by the embassy in London is already at 44,962.

    'Embassy officials predict that based on this, 2018 will be the busiest year so far for Irish passport applications in the UK.

    taken from this article:
    Above taken from this article.
    All of my relations in Britain intend to apply for one!
    10% of the British population is 5 million roughly the same size of the population of Ireland !

    Here’s hoping they rush to Gold also as the prediction is the pound will plummet on a hard exit.
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