USA Debit Card

Can we at the very least get some info and updates on the prepaid debit card for non EU clients? Maybe let your community in on the progress, and the steps you are taking to resolve this mateer?

There seems to be plenty of noise in regards to Mene, and lots of silence in regards to Goldmoney.

Generic "lip service", as annoying as it is, would be a welcomed gesture at this stage in the game.

As it stands now, many are going to start assuming that you're doing nothing.

Peter Schiff sold me on Goldmoney, and the prepaid card was a MAJOR draw for me. And btw....he's still pimping the Goldmoney debit card (very recent interviews), even though they arent being issued.

A little transparency, honesty, and touching base with us might take the sour taste out of our mouths.

As a client and shareholder, your lack of communication with the community regarding this matter is very concerning.

At best, this all feels extremely sketchy.

We shall see.


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