Gold bear market over or will be in 12 months

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Hi all
Here is a fascinating set of tweets. Very hard to dispute the logic on that the gold bear market is over.

I actually think the bear market is over now and not 12 months time after one gold low based on higher dollar price both would love to hear opinions


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    We need Roy Sebag's expert analysis.
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    I have a tendency to agree that it won't all come crashing down in 2019 (meaning gold won't go skyrocketing in value in 2019 either). I think that things will continue to get crappy this year. It seems that gold never goes up as fast as I think it should. I am seeing layoffs at software companies. Probably a good time to switch to skilled trades if we can and need to. Though I have been looking forward to this crash and reset to re-establish reality, I worry about the elderly people in my family. Reality may be harsh. Especially for people who keep their cash in the bank.

    I have been watching documentaries about Venezuela. Their hospitals have no medicine and the equipment is not maintained. People are dying of things that were treatable a few years ago. Most ambulances are broken down. Their jails are overcrowded with people stealing for their families and the jails cannot feed the prisoners. Grave robbers are stealing from the cemeteries. People are getting so skinny.

    I think the economic downturn will be bad enough even if we (USA) don't get into a war (like we do...). But if we have another unnecessary conflict, and the globalists keep pushing migration in Europe, then I think there is a possibility that the western world can regress as well. Honestly, if we look at homelessness in some places in America, and the increase of 3rd world type ghettos, you'd have to admit, we already are regressing.

    Long on gold still seems the wise bet, it is just that we've all had to be way longer than we ever though we would. And still it will be even longer. Tragic though, that this is not just an economic recession. It will also be a loss of civilization in many places.
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    I recommend the comments to this article:

    "For the supply to be critical low (lower than the central banks can cover), the surge in demand for real physical gold must be critically high. In my opinion this will happen when the general public will see fiat money as a problem and gold as a solution.
    This is a paradigm shift, it's something bigger than just a momentum for gold like in 2008-2012. It will happen only with a highly inflationary crisis. And, as Liberty88 pointed out, assuming that people won't look for something else than gold, like cryptos."
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