Gold - A Perfect Storm For 2019

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A reminder to the Community of the incredible research team at Goldmoney. Be sure to check out the weekly posts like the one above


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    Great and informative article. I've kept working on getting my account approved, it has felt like a year long legal battle. There's just one step left and once I get approved I'll write a post on how to get approved for those that are struggling. I've found that it isn't as simple as just sending in the documents needed. I really wish it was easier so more people would join.

    With the current credit cycle coming to an end, a massive amount of debt that is just increasing and high volatility which is bound to come due to the feds long standing 0% interest rate policy that Obama ran with coming to an end. On top of that we're at the ten year span when a recession is due. A lot of hedge funds are already investing in gold and stocks like $GLD & $RGLD have been on watch-lists for traders the last couple months. I believe precious metals, not just gold will be smart to include in your portfolio.

    Also, what do you guys think of apmex ? From what I've seen on apmex it appears that apmex makes you grossly overpay for the metals and gives you very lousy buyback prices unless you've got a very good membership title.
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