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Hello Gold Money Team

I had Gold Money for 2 months and I like the concept of Gold Money, however I've find it to be pretty easy to manage my account when I'm on the go, I've had notice when I'm on the web browser I am not able to make a payment I can not see the pay option when I'm on Brave browser via mobile app, This sets the bar very low when I want to use your website it can be very inconvenient when I do not see the pay button on the web browser!

I am beginning to share the word about Gold Money with friends and family, however I am someone that likes to see improvements on your website. It be great if you have mobile developers create a Gold-Money app. I like the concept I had a GM account for 2 months and it be great get an app released for the 21st Century! It be wise to do that :)


  • JayJayJayJay Posts: 26 Tin ✭
    Yeah I've been saying that there are issues with gold money. I don't understand why they go around acquiring companies but they can't perfect Goldmoney which is a main thing.
  • LeonLaGreyLeonLaGrey Posts: 4 Tin ✭
    Yeah, I am with you this should be the main thing, I am digging the Menef jewelry investment product and don't get me wrong like them, I am thinking, how about hire Mobile and web developers make GM more robust and start making improvments.

    here's another idea every time I get paid on payweek, I like to get paid via GM direct deposit in the form of metals.
  • RegulatorRegulator Posts: 21 Copper ✭✭
    I assume they are doing everything you guys are asking for. I also know the Italian team is small, and lastly I know there is massive amount of risk in everything GM does. So I think all features in time, but bear in mind the team size, Hackers,(another crypto exchange just went dark) and the government regulations this company has to go through with how many countries they exist within. So any new app would mean a boat load of sign offs and QA analysis at least one would assume.
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